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Best Caravan Brands in Australia

Find the best caravan manufacturers for the best holiday…

When people are buying a new caravan, especially for the first time, they’ve usually worked out whether they want a conventional caravan, a pop top, wind up, tear drop or a fifth wheeler. The question they ask those in the know is “what are the best caravan brands in Australia?”

We’ve had a think about this and put together a list of some of the more dependable caravan manufacturers and why they’re a good brand to buy.

This list (in no particular order) is based generally on reputation, value for money, resale value, caravan storage, kitchen facilities, creature comforts, space, windows, annexes and a range of other considerations. You’ll also need to work out what works best with you, and make sure you get an inspection done if you’re buying second hand.

Universal Caravans

This company specialises in caravans that slide out to create more space. They have a range of vans that cater more to the luxury end of the market.

Traveller Caravans Australia

As the name suggests, these guys make caravans designed to go the distance. They’ve been a reputable brand since 1984 and put extra focus on chassis and body strength, ensuring a long lasting caravan that’s sturdy and durable.

Supreme Caravans

While they consider themselves a luxury caravan manufacturer, Supreme builds for those who “like to go on-road, off-road and all the roads between.” They also have a good reputation for their second hand caravans as they tend to stand the test of time.

Roma Caravans

The oldest caravan manufacturer in the country, Roma have been making caravans since 1928. They have a reputation for quality in their standard models, and also do custom caravan builds. If you want something specific these are the people to talk to.

Lotus Caravans

Lotus have been building off-road caravans since 2004. They use cutting edge technology to make hardy touring caravans that still provide comfort and functionality.

JB Caravans

Specialising in building luxury caravans at an affordable price, that are still designed for off-road caravan camping.

Crusader Caravans

Well known for building spacious family caravans, Crusader make their caravans tough to handle the Australian roads and summer heat.

Avida Caravans

Since 1986 Avida have been building award winning caravans that are both strong and stylish.


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