Jet Ski Accessories

Jet Ski image by Michael Coghlan

Jet Ski image by Michael Coghlan

Jet Ski Accessories for fishing, exploring, day trips & more…

Jet skis are great fun. Whether you’re interested in water sports, fishing or exploring, there is so much you can do with these simple, high powered marine craft.

What many people new to jet skiing may not realise though, is that there is plenty of jet ski equipment out there to help you make the most of your time on the water. While not all accessories are essential (there is one pretty essential piece we will cover) you may find some can really benefit you and what you’re using your jet ski for.

Jet Ski Trailer

Unless you actually have your jet ski berthed somewhere, you will need a trailer to get it out of the water and take home with you. There are plenty of one and two berth jet ski trailers out there which will usually come with a new jet ski. If you’re looking to buy a second hand jet ski make sure you find out if the trailer comes with it, and if not, find a trailer that will carry it home once you’ve made the sale.

Don’t skimp out on this either. Your trailer can include accessories like jerry can holders, containers for equipment and jet ski covers.

Jet Ski Esky

Popular amongst fishermen, a jet ski eski will allow you to spend longer periods out on the water before you need to come in to shore. Pack it full of bait and some ice packs for a great morning of fishing (and space to bring in the day’s catch), or throw in a packed lunch and some cold drinks for a full day of cruising.

Jet Ski Fishing Rack

If jet ski fishing is your thing a fishing rack will allow you to use multiple rods while you safely move about your jet ski. Most fishing rack attachments will include rod holders, a section to place an esky or tackle box, and hooks for ratchet straps or tie downs. Considering the limited space on a jet ski these fishing racks are pretty much essential for jet ski fishing.

Jet Ski Anchor

Not everyone will need an anchor. But if you’re not planning to bring your jet ski in from the water when you’re not using it, or you don’t want to ruin the bottom by regularly sand beaching it, you will want to get an anchor. Jet ski anchors are different to conventional boat anchors as they are smaller, lighter, designed to fold away and are usually made for sand anchoring. Consider whether you want a sand anchor, screw anchor, or even a stretch rope and bow line for anchoring you can retrieve from the shore.


There’s almost no end to the fun you can have with your jet ski. Whether you’re looking to improve your jet skiing experience with some of these accessories, or you’ve decided it’s time to buy a new jet ski, talk to us about boat finance today.

We provide competitive finance on jet ski loans and even offer pre-approved loans so you can shop with confidence. Call us on 1300 310 301 or apply online today to get things moving.